In this episode I chat with Kierstin De West – a leading authority on forecasting, tracking and understanding the monumental global cultural shift to sustainability and social impact in its broadest sense: the underlying trends that drive and characterize it, the influencers within in, the opportunities it presents and its impact on business, society, brands and culture. She is the founder and CEO of research and strategy consultancy Ci: conscientious innovation and the creator of its proprietary insights and data tool, The SHIFT Report.

In this episode we discuss:

Our desire for conscious consumption and how brands can respond

What are catalyst brands?

How do you price for ethics?

What is Sustainable Life Paralysis?

The rise of the empathy movement and the Mindful consumer. (more…)


In this Hooked On Startups episode I have a fabulous conversation with Sanyika Street – a performing artist, songwriter, music producer, keynote speaker and voice of inspiration. With immense presence as an artist and speaker he uses his art of the spoken word to inspire everyday people, everyday, and to positively impact people around the world. (more…)


In this episode I chat with with Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath, Author and Speaker. Based in Newport Beach in Southern California, Glen’s Depke Wellness clinic specialises in teaching people how to deal with all of the physical and mental challenges that are thrown at us from our diet choices, the stress we’re under, the habits we have and the environmental factors we’re subject to. If you’re running a business its important that you take the time to understand what you’re doing to your body each day – something that is so fundamental but so often overlooked (more…)


“Get your pricing right and set yourself up for success. Get it wrong and you’re bound to fail”. In this episode of Hooked On Startups I meet Per Sjöfors – acknowledged expert in pricing and pricing psychology, CEO and founder of Atenga Inc and co-founder and CEO of Sales4 profit. He has managed over 500 assignments with top tier companies and by re-engineering their consumer pricing he has helped CEOs and investors often double their companies’ growth rates. Per is frequently quoted in the press including Fortune Magazine, Inc Magazine, Industry Week and the Financial Times and he regularly speaks at conferences. (more…)


I discuss business breakthrough systems with Christine Perakis – a business strategist, bestselling author and speaker with over 25 years of experience as an advisor, attorney, mentor, and team-builder. Christine, also a professional boat captain, is a strategic business partner for some of the world’s most visionary entrepreneurs, creating 360° transformations and turning creative ideas into profitable ventures. (more…)


I chat with Gavin McGarry, CEO of Jumpwire Media, and we explore the important tricks, tips and tactics that you’ll need to know in order to build an effective social media presence. Gavin is a self-confessed human behavior aficionado, crowd dynamics specialist, data hound, cyclist, and percussionist. Gavin’s also the founder and CEO of Jumpwire media which is based in LA and has been recognised as one of the top ten most innovative companies in media with clients that include Coca Cola, AMC, Yahoo, and Sony Pictures. Before founding Jumpwire Media in 2009 Gavin worked for online video start up Joost and was the Head of Cross Platform Business Development at global television production company Endemol. (more…)


In this episode I speak to Connor Gillivan – a 27 year old serial entrepreneur who started his first drop-shipping company out of his dorm room at Quinnipiac University building it to over $20 million of sales on in just 4 years. After becoming an expert at hiring, he co-founded FreeeUp, an online hiring marketplace bringing together the top 1% of freelancers with growing businesses. He is also the owner of, where he writes about entrepreneurship and eCommerce.



Working with leaders and entrepreneurs since the late 90’s, JP Morgan Jr leverages his scientific background and life experience in a unique way to train entrepreneurs and creative people to take decisive action so they can get their greatest work into the world. JP has a fascinating background.  After his formal studies in Physics and Mathematics, he built a property investing business and then (from a backpack) built a web media company serving local and global non-profits. He has travelled the world and he lived nomadically for three years, coached human rights leaders, recorded and toured as a musician in bands, funded development of a kids library in Cambodia, published travel writing and photography, competed as a black belt and triathlete, performed as a professional magician, studied with Buddhist monks and spiritual teachers, paraglided the Swiss Alps, cycled solo for thousands of miles and has had many other adventures. (more…)


In this episode I chat with Matt Callinan – a special forces veteran and ex news anchor for NBC News Channel. Matt is a serial entrepreneur, an expert in out-of-home media and advertising, the creator of the Eyewitness App, and the founder and managing partner of Retail Outdoor Media. He is also the founder of ‘A Father Forever’ – a unique program that helps maintain the eternal bond between a parent and child. It gives terminally-ill parents a chance to be a continuing part of their kids’ lives and their children get to share and celebrate their most important milestones with the living presence of their parent. (more…)


My guest is Ken Dubner, founder and CEO of Mind Training Solutions. Ken is a certified hypnotherapist, an NLP master practitioner and a certified master hypnotist and has dedicated his life to empowering people by guiding them to use their minds more effectively. As a renowned hypnotherapist, speaker and seminar leader, he has been interviewed by Extra, Armed Forces Network, Discovery Health Channel, HBO documentaries, as well as numerous radio stations throughout the nation. (more…)