026: YOUR fans are waiting! Find out why YOUR voice matters with Sanyika Street


In this Hooked On Startups episode I have a fabulous conversation with Sanyika Street – a performing artist, songwriter, music producer, keynote speaker and voice of inspiration. With immense presence as an artist and speaker he uses his art of the spoken word to inspire everyday people, everyday, and to positively impact people around the world.

2:10 – Background on Sanyika

3:13 – One of Sanyika’s go-to phrases, “don’t let the music die inside you,” and applying it to business; how he helps get people back on track.

5:49 – How Sanyika helps people find who they are.

7:35 – More background on Sanyika journey and his views on being an artist.

8:49 – Creating art from a genuine place versus a false place.

10:23 – Starting the internal conversation about your own alignment and taking action; confronting traumas through his video blogs.

14:09 – The importance of the accountability in video blogging.

15:23 – Sanyika’s goals for his video blog and how he approaches it; death to the untrained experts.

17:16 – The value he gets from authenticity.

18:55 – The three most important words you can say in life: I don’t know.

20:48 – Dangers associated with being an untrained expert.

22:06 – Not fearing failure and following your own vision; overcoming imposter syndrome.

25:05 – Sanyika’s spoken word pieces and how his messages have evolved; taking feedback as data.

29:33 – Digging into Sanyika’s message, “your fans are waiting;” success as a space to grow into.

33:19 – The importance of having and knowing your “why.”

36:20 – Using momentum and the help of others to reach massive goals, setting goals you must kneel before.

38:46 – Rapid fire questions Sanyika suggested from Inside the Actors Studio with Charles Lipton.

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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Inside the Actors Studio with Charles Lipton





http://sanyikastreet.com/ (Going live first week of September)