My guest is Ken Dubner, founder and CEO of Mind Training Solutions. Ken is a certified hypnotherapist, an NLP master practitioner and a certified master hypnotist and has dedicated his life to empowering people by guiding them to use their minds more effectively. As a renowned hypnotherapist, speaker and seminar leader, he has been interviewed by Extra, Armed Forces Network, Discovery Health Channel, HBO documentaries, as well as numerous radio stations throughout the nation. (more…)


I chat with Devin D. Thorpe– a renowned social entrepreneur, journalist, Forbes contributor, author, speaker and champion of social good. His books—read over 1 million times—are about using money for good, personal finance, crowdfunding and corporate social responsibility and draw on his experience as an investment banker, CFO, treasurer and mortgage broker. Previously, he worked on the U.S. Senate Banking Committee staff and earned an MBA at Cornell. Devin describes the work he does as ‘helping the helpers’ and he has devoted himself to writing about, advocating for and advising those that do good. (more…)


I meet Stephen Schubert – a hugely accomplished artist, polymath, movie buff, judo expert and specialist in neurogastronomy. He started painting at the age of 33 – as Stephen describes in the interview, he literally woke up from a dream and pursued the creation of what he saw in that dream. The result was a fifteen year run of 3 dimensional birchwood wall sculptures which were exhibited in over forty-five galleries nationwide. Watch the interview or listen to the podcast to find out more about Stephen’s fascinating life and his love of creativity. (more…)


I’m delighted to welcome Kate Buckley to the show – Kate is an expert at premium domain consulting and representation, specializing in ultra-premium .COMs. She has personally sold over $1.6M in domains in the past year alone. Kate is also an artist and award-winning poet and author and was recently appointed the first Poet Laureate of Laguna Beach. Kate is also a professional coach and keynote speaker, and the founder and principal of Buckley Media Group, a branding and premium domains agency. (more…)


The new Hooked On Startups episode is out! My guest is Ryan Tate – founder and CEO of VETPAW – a non-for-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the survival of critically threatened African wildlife. Ryan is a former Marine, Iraq war veteran and diplomatic security officer for the Department of State. VETPAW stands for Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife. Simply put, under Ryan’s leadership and direction VETPAW employs highly skilled post 9/11 US Veterans to help prevent the irreplaceable loss of African wildlife caused by poaching. Find out how Ryan and his team at VETPAW are helping to protect embattled wildlife and support their fellow veterans.




I chat with David Moss – a career technologist, musician, producer, leadership coach, investor and strategic innovator with an outstanding track record across multiple successful startups and established companies. We discuss a whole range of topics and explore the critical components for the success of any tech company in search of growth or continual innovation. David is currently the CEO of Exceed.Team, and provides strategic and tactical technology consulting services for startups and fast-growth companies. (more…)


I speak to Jay Levin – founder of the LA Weekly, an American journalist, media expert and life, relationship and executive coach. Under his leadership the LA Weekly became the largest urban weekly in the US. In this interview we discuss the important of Emotional Intelligence and Jay’s involvement as the president of the Big EQ Campaign – a grass roots movement to create mass adoption of Social and Emotional Learning in all schools. The Big EQ Campaign intends to be the first-ever mass advertising, marketing and organizing campaign whose sole goal is that every school include in its curriculum the development of students’ and teachers’ social and emotional intelligence and skills.




This week I speak to Will Henshall – a five times entrepreneur and founder of Focus At Will Labs – a neuroscience based web tool that uses specially composed instrumental music tracks to significantly increase your attention span when working and studying.

As you can see from the sea of platinum discs behind him on the video, Will is a musician, scientist, song writer and technology inventor working with audio to find the right music at the right place at the right time. He was the founder of the British pop soul band Londonbeat and had two Billboard #1 hit records. He went on to found Rocket Network, a Paul Allen/Cisco-funded San Francisco company in 1995. Will has achieved notable global success both as a musical/visual artist and as a technical inventor.


‘We choose to go to the roof not because it is glamorous, but because it is right there!’

‘Go out there and have huge dreams, then show up to work the next morning and relentlessly incrementally achieve them’
Luiz Barroso wrote about this in an internal Google+ posting in 2014.

Taking small, incremental, achievable steps is so important if we are to achieve our dreams. The math works – if you do something 1.3x every quarter, you’ll hit 10x within 3 years.

Fascinating book if you want to read more about this – ‘How Google Works‘ by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg.