015: Kate Buckley – Artist, Poet and Ultra-Premium .Com Marketing Specialist


I’m delighted to welcome Kate Buckley to the show – Kate is an expert at premium domain consulting and representation, specializing in ultra-premium .COMs. She has personally sold over $1.6M in domains in the past year alone. Kate is also an artist and award-winning poet and author and was recently appointed the first Poet Laureate of Laguna Beach. Kate is also a professional coach and keynote speaker, and the founder and principal of Buckley Media Group, a branding and premium domains agency.

1:24 – Background on Kate and some of her work.

2:10 – Kate’s recent travels around Europe and her outlook on traveling as both a writer and self-employed person.

3:55 – How storytelling is evolving in the age of social media and Kate’s book, Follow Me Down.

6:04 – Social media’s effect on Kate’s creative process and how she is responding.

6:35 – Details on some of Kate’s recent premium domain sales and how companies are using and evaluating social media in their marketing strategies.

9:01 – Using premium domains as marketing tools and recent examples.

10:13 – How Kate got into the premium domain industry and her interactions with the Castello brothers.

11:39 – Coming from an entrepreneurial background.

12:06 – Incremental progress and roof-shots (How Google Works).

13:42 – Kate’s approach to using incremental gains in her own businesses.

14:33 – Breaking problems and goals down into manageable pieces and how Kate uses that, as well as reframing our own stories, in her coaching practice.

16:55 – How these techniques date back to ancient Greek philosophy and issues of self-perception.

17:59 – Imagining how ideas would look and feel without any limits.

19:00 – Why some entrepreneurs are more receptive to guidance and counsel than others.

20:38 – The value of failing and resiliency in an entrepreneurial journey.

21:39 – Brené Brown’s work on vulnerability, her TED Talk’s effect on Kate, and Rising Strong.

23:15 – Owning your story and finding the lesson in your failures.

24:53 – The possibility of evolving and reinventing yourself.

25:57 – Being excited about the journey and staying curious.

27:00 – The crossover between art and business, entrepreneurship as an artform, and preventing burnout by applying a creative process.

28:46 – Details on the book Kate is currently working on and parts of Kate’s writing process.

30:50 – Kate’s general pitch for her new book.

32:04 – Incremental approaches to writing as opposed to taking a more inspired approach.

Resources and Links Mentioned:

Follow Me Down by Kate Buckley

A Wild Region by Kate Buckley

How Google Works by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg

Rising Strong by Brené Brown

Brené Brown

Brené Brown’s TED Talk on vulnerability

Mary Wells Lawrence

Joseph Campbell