012 – Jay Levin, founder of LA Weekly, Life and Executive Coach and President of the Big EQ Campaign


I speak to Jay Levin – founder of the LA Weekly, an American journalist, media expert and life, relationship and executive coach. Under his leadership the LA Weekly became the largest urban weekly in the US. In this interview we discuss the important of Emotional Intelligence and Jay’s involvement as the president of the Big EQ Campaign – a grass roots movement to create mass adoption of Social and Emotional Learning in all schools. The Big EQ Campaign intends to be the first-ever mass advertising, marketing and organizing campaign whose sole goal is that every school include in its curriculum the development of students’ and teachers’ social and emotional intelligence and skills.

1:33 – Background on Jay and his career.

2:36 – How he made a career in journalism and then added coaching into his business.

5:20 – His beginnings of interest in personal growth.

7:12 – Human dysfunctionality stemming from emotional responses and the different coping mechanisms Jay has identified.

9:52 – Recognizing these emotional responses and improving them.

10:35 – Imposter syndrome and different dynamics in business along with the importance of Jay’s style of training in building a business.

11:56 – Example of Elon Musk and his company memo regarding the responsibility of owners and managers.

12:55 – Three things business owners/managers can do to improve their management abilities.

14:22 – Understanding the need for this training in businesses rather than just doing it for the optics.

16:31 – Advantages and science of controlling negative reactions through emotional intelligence training.

18:22 – Scaling this kind of human development training while weeding out the charlatans.

19:54 – Connecting with good people in the personal development space.

20:40 – Background on Jay’s Big EQ campaign.

23:08 – Jay’s concept of radical sanity.

23:42 – Differences in approach for training between children and businesses.

24:58 – Where to start learning about oneself in order to be more effective.

26:44 – Results that Jay has seen in people he has coached and some background on how he coaches.

28:40 – How Jay’s coaching helps people deal with imposter syndrome and identifying their calling.

29:51 – The idealized self and getting past it.

31:20 – Reactions to epiphanies when stepping back and gaining a deeper understanding of self and reactions.

34:11 – Learned behavior patterns that lead to not knowing how to deal with emotions in the self and in others; research relating to how those patterns develop.

36:42 – How Jay got into this field of coaching.

38:02 – Growing kids’ mindsets in order to evolve everyone’s problem solving approaches.

40:09 – Backround on the Big EQ Campaign and the EQuip Our Kids project.

41:00 – Building momentum for the campaign and how it relates to the business community as well as the public.

44:12 – How to get involved and help with the Big EQ Campaign, go to BIGEQ.org.

45:52 – Googling “social emotional learning for adults” to find trainings to help at home.

47:20 – Parting thoughts from Jay.


Resources and Links Mentioned:


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Call Jay at 310-628-7761