019: Matt Callinan – Special Forces veteran, entrepreneur, media expert, Eyewitness App founder


In this episode I chat with Matt Callinan – a special forces veteran and ex news anchor for NBC News Channel. Matt is a serial entrepreneur, an expert in out-of-home media and advertising, the creator of the Eyewitness App, and the founder and managing partner of Retail Outdoor Media. He is also the founder of ‘A Father Forever’ – a unique program that helps maintain the eternal bond between a parent and child. It gives terminally-ill parents a chance to be a continuing part of their kids’ lives and their children get to share and celebrate their most important milestones with the living presence of their parent.

1:22 – Matt’s career background and some of his accomplishments.

2:05 – Making the transitions in his career and details from his time in special forces.

3:23 – How he sees the changing landscape of the news media; the onus of gaining a well rounded perspective is on the consumer.

4:50 – The effects social media can have on news consumption and how to still gain depth of perspective.

6:19 – There are no quick solutions to being informed and making good decisions.

7:04 – Predictions on the future of journalism and what we’re already seeing.

8:26 – Information on the Eyewitness App.

10:18 – How news media has evolved through monetization and how technology affects that evolution.

13:55 – Keeping up with changing communication needs.

16:21 – Characterizing how relationships are changed by technology and social media.

17:45 – 60 Minutes piece about addictive technology algorithms.

18:57 – Using augmented reality to bring people into engagement with their environment more and Retail Outdoor Media looking into how advertising can use AR.

22:02 – Projected statistics from Adweek about spending on AR and how that may affect consumer experiences.

25:09 – Story about an early augmented reality demonstration.

26:15 – The difference between AR research being done through advertising dollars as opposed to design money.

26:53 – How AR can affect relationships as physical and digital worlds mingle.

27:54 – The background and mission of Matt’s venture, Father Forever.

30:49 – How this service combines all of Matt’s skills to help people and how Matt approaches working with the clients.

34:19 – Prioritizing emotional intelligence as technology evolves.

36:51 – Some pros and cons to relationships in the context of Facebook.

38:19 – The market and challenges in A Father Forever.


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