020: JP Morgan Jr – helping entrepreneurs and creative people to take decisive action and get their greatest work into the world


Working with leaders and entrepreneurs since the late 90’s, JP Morgan Jr leverages his scientific background and life experience in a unique way to train entrepreneurs and creative people to take decisive action so they can get their greatest work into the world. JP has a fascinating background.  After his formal studies in Physics and Mathematics, he built a property investing business and then (from a backpack) built a web media company serving local and global non-profits. He has travelled the world and he lived nomadically for three years, coached human rights leaders, recorded and toured as a musician in bands, funded development of a kids library in Cambodia, published travel writing and photography, competed as a black belt and triathlete, performed as a professional magician, studied with Buddhist monks and spiritual teachers, paraglided the Swiss Alps, cycled solo for thousands of miles and has had many other adventures.

1:21 – Background on JP and some of what he does for his clients.

2:30 – JP’s use of the term alchemy, the three major elements that go into it, and how that relates to his approach.

4:48 – The most common question that JP gets from his clients and where that can lead.

6:07 – How passion relates to what his clients are asking for.

7:04 – The concepts of alpha and omega in JP’s work.

8:36 – Differences in the challenges involved in describing his philosophies and his work.

9:49 – Common roadblocks that leaders can face.

11:01 – Origins of JP’s “filing cabinet” of ideas and concepts.

12:17 – The idea of human engineering and how that plays into the work JP does.

14:00 – An example from one of JP’s coaching clients.

15:54 – The importance of traveling in JP’s perspective and his work.

16:51 – How often the brain is misunderstood and how that can affect people.

18:15 – Example of the 60 seconds of clapping video and how habits relate to thinking.

22:05 – The skill involved in seeing people’s habits and bringing that idea into the alchemical process.

23:46 – Are there differences in the way successful people are built?

25:09 – How clients may react when working with JP.

26:30 – The effects of surrounding yourself with different people.

27:16 – Common issues that people come to JP with and what he stands for in terms of motivation.

29:10 – JP’s understanding of what it means to be passionate about your work.

30:25 – Being in a phase of artisanship and honing his craft.

31:30 – How JP sees the abundance vs. scarcity mindsets.

33:32 – The value of the difference in JP’s approach and views

Resources and Links Mentioned:

Carl Jung and Alchemy

The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

JP’s Youtube channel