023: Business breakthrough techniques with bestselling author and strategist Christine Perakis


I discuss business breakthrough systems with Christine Perakis – a business strategist, bestselling author and speaker with over 25 years of experience as an advisor, attorney, mentor, and team-builder. Christine, also a professional boat captain, is a strategic business partner for some of the world’s most visionary entrepreneurs, creating 360° transformations and turning creative ideas into profitable ventures.

1:21 – Background information on Christine and some of her skills.

2:14 – Parallels between being a professional boat captain and being an entrepreneur.

3:52 – The kinds of clients that Christine works with.

5:23 – How Christine approaches clients who may not be as receptive to navigation.

7:12 – The spectrum of people realizing they need outside assistance with their business.

9:56 – Some key concepts around mindsets in Christine’s book, The Entrepreneur’s Essential Roadmap and how she can help with mindsets.

11:38 – Three characteristics of successful people as studied by Napoleon Hill: skills, knowledge, and attitude.

12:30 – Christine’s approach to helping entrepreneurs facing roadblocks.

15:42 – The detail side of how Christine helps with execution, including examining things like the 80/20 rule.

18:24 – The problem of overwhelm and how Christine’s Roadmap helps to overcome it.

20:04 – Christine’s navigation and knowledge driven off of her experiences over the past 25+ years and the common threads in people she’s helped; her Clarity Module.

22:35 – The importance and potential problems from the “why.” Simon Sinek’s book, “Start with Why.”

24:22 – Driving information, like who your target market is, off of your “why,” and the importance of generating systems around your creativity.

27:18 – Creating SMART goals and some examples from Christine’s experience.

29:21 – Background on the process involved in writing and releasing a book and how Christine breaks that down to achieve her goals as well as to serve as an example to her clients.

31:20 – Christine’s approach to time management with all she has going on; the urgent-important matrix.

34:06 – Helping entrepreneurs to master their time and connections; keeping time for important things and not getting too absorbed in your business.

39:36 – The value of bringing in Christine as the navigator to break out of the singular focus that can occur in a business.

40:48 – How Christine is bringing her message to the world and some of her pursuits.

Resources and Links Mentioned:

The Entrepreneur’s Essential Roadmap by Christine Perakis

Napoleon Hill

Andrew Carnegie

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

SMART goals

The urgent-important matrix (Eisenhower Matrix).