In this episode I speak to Joshua Long – an entrepreneur, strategy and sales guru and a consultant who focuses on helping businesses break through their current revenue plateaus and unlock rapid growth.


He launched to focus on unlocking sustainable growth for businesses, and has just launched the‘Bottleneck Breakthrough’ book to help entrepreneurs and business owners implement his Bottleneck Breakthrough Method.




In this episode I chat with Hillary Gadsby – an event and marketing dynamo and co-founder of The Boss Box. Hillary is also a best selling author and founder of, a multi-media company for women in business.

Check out how Hillary created the buzz for the Boss Box, overcoming the difficulties female entrepreneurs face when starting their businesses and how she found the drive to pursue her businesses and brand to create a movement rather than just a product.




Before Dave Goodman was the bearded, apron-wearing Coco-Jack inventor and entrepreneur who received a $125,000 deal from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, he was a rock-and-roll drummer living in New York City.

Following years of training at Juilliard and the Curtis Institute of Music, Dave began his career as a classical pianist, conductor, and composer, going on to start his own orchestra. “Once you start working for yourself, it’s hard to work for other people.”

For Dave, however, “taking time off” meant immersing himself in fields such as economics, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, mythology, and aviation. As part of his health recovery, he also became a raw food vegan and lost over a hundred pounds. “That’s how I discovered Asian coconuts. I put them in smoothies, drank the water—coconuts became a part of my diet.” The only problem was, there was no easy way to open these coconuts. “As a musician, I didn’t want to throw a knife at my fingers all day.”

Find out more about Dave Goodman and the amazing story behind his invention of the Coco-Jack, a safe, easy way to open Fresh Coconuts, no matter what your size or strength.




In this episode I chat with Nicholas Amato, Founder and CEO of 803Mine.

We have a really in-depth discussion on:

What Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining is…

Why Bitcoin is valued the way it is….

We put some numbers to the exponentially increasing scale of computing power needed in this industry….

We discuss how mining is monetized and the scope of the industry’s growth…




In this episode I interview Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr. Brent Ridge, co-founders of Beekman 1802 – a TV Show, Mercantile, bestselling cookbook and memoir, website and tourism destination all inspired by the Beekman 1802 Farm in Sharon Springs, NY.

In 2012, the duo competed and won the grand prize in CBS’s The Amazing Race. Over 10M viewers watched for 12 weeks as Josh and Brent beat 20 other competitors in a 45,000 mile race around the world through 12 cities in 9 different countries.

Check out the full episode to find out how Josh and Brent overcame some huge challenges and how, with determination, persistence and inspiration, they created one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands in the country.




If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then according to the SEC it’s a duck. Or, more likely, your so-called utility token is more likely a security.

If you don’t know the difference between a security token and a utility token, you should listen to this episode.

Even if you think you do, you should listen anyway.

In this episode I interview Marc Boiron – ICO and blockchain attorney at Rutan and Tucker in Orange County.

Marc has leveraged his strong corporate and securities law background and his near obsession with blockchain technology to build a practice advising blockchain companies on a breadth of issues, including ICOs, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency laws.

Because, after all, nobody looks good in orange…




Do you know why Quizzes are the next big thing in Marketing?

(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) Don’t know

In this episode I chat with Josh Haynam, co-Founder of Interact, a company that makes it easy for businesses to generate leads and drive sales using quizzes.

Ever wondered what the real secret to online marketing is?

If you answered yes, no or ‘don’t know’ to any of the above, check out this episode and find out how quizzes can be incredibly effective for building email lists, subscribers, sales funnels, for selling online coaching programs….




Why is music so embedded in our memories?

In this episode of Hooked On Startups I’m delighted to be joined by John Vitale – Music Chief and Co-Founder at Focus at Will – a neuroscience based music service that helps increase your focus by reducing distractions, energizing you and helping you hit those critical deadlines.

John has 25 years experience in music, sound, and film production as supervisor, producer, engineer, and remixer.

He has worked for Warner Bros, Sony, BMG, and Universal Music, The B52ʼs, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Filter, Eminem, KD Lang, George Clinton, and The Romantics.

John knows his stuff. Tune in to find out why music plays such an important part in everyone’s lives and how it can be used as an amazing tool to dramatically increase your productivity. (more…)



Featured in Forbes, Harper Collins, Gen Z@Work, and Lean Startup, Jeff Boodie is an experienced entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, and Gen Z blogger.

Realizing you can’t write personality into an algorithm, Jeff founded JobSnap – what the lovechild of Tinder and Snapchat would look like – and the hiring voice of Generation Z.

In this episode Jeff and I discuss the problems for both Gen Z and employers and how JobSnap bridges that gap, the shifting attitudes towards entrepreneurship in young people, and how social media is influencing the way Gen Z views brands and companies.

Make sure you listen to the full episode to learn how Jeff has created the Tinder of job creation platforms! (more…)