057: Building a massively successful business with entrepreneur, strategy and sales guru Joshua Long



In this episode I speak to Joshua Long – an entrepreneur, strategy and sales guru and a consultant who focuses on helping businesses break through their current revenue plateaus and unlock rapid growth.


He launched BottleneckBreakthrough.com to focus on unlocking sustainable growth for businesses, and has just launched the‘Bottleneck Breakthrough’ book to help entrepreneurs and business owners implement his Bottleneck Breakthrough Method.

1:18 – Welcoming Joshua to the show and some of his background information, including his business, BottleneckBreakthrough.com, and his book, Bottleneck Breakthrough.


2:58 – Looking backwards as a problem for personality types and businesses.


4:22 – The importance of mindsets and why it can be difficult to address.


5:10 – Building credibility with early wins; often not being qualified to run a business when you start a business and Joshua’s experience with that.


6:30 – Venture capitalists investing in teams rather than companies and how that relates to learning as you go and being agile; reaching a ceiling in business and needing outside assistance to continue forward.


8:00 – The counter-intuitive nature of entrepreneurs needing to be aware that they eventually get to a point where they’ve reached the limits of their own ability and Matthew’s example from LinkedIn.


10:48 – Perspective as one of the key things Joshua brings to people’s businesses and seeing things holistically.


12:27 – Working more with established businesses rather than startups.


13:33 – Focusing on outcomes as a way to connect clients to how Joshua can help them.


16:03 – Looking at mindsets and limiting beliefs to figure out why you’re doing something the way you are and how that affects companies.


19:22 – Differentiating Joshua’s services from the shallower approaches to consulting; comparing paying for coaching to buying a gym membership.


25:02 – The effects of working with people like Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins; Joshua’s story from a former colleague in medicine regarding the importance of reps and data.


29:37 – Being able to see through the noise of your business and leveraging your relationships in order to see more clearly.


32:27 – Why intelligent, capable business owners sometimes overlook some of the most simple business principles.


36:24 – The element of fulfillment and how Joshua’s guidance can help clients to get closer to that.


39:09 – The different terms and titles that get thrown around in Joshua’s industry and how he addressed them through his book.


43:00 – Not running people’s businesses, but just giving businesses new ideas and empowering them to make new strategic decisions.


46:35 – Where Joshua sees his own bottleneck.


48:42 – Bringing in coaches for himself and the value of investing in yourself.


54:46 – The questionnaire.


56:52 – Getting in touch with Joshua.




Resources and Links Mentioned:




Bottleneck Breakthrough book


Reid Hoffman


Peter Thiel


Chet Holmes


Jim Rohn


Perry Marshall


Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne