051: Ever wondered how amazingly successful those Facebook Quizzes can be? With Josh Haynam



Do you know why Quizzes are the next big thing in Marketing?

(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) Don’t know

In this episode I chat with Josh Haynam, co-Founder of Interact, a company that makes it easy for businesses to generate leads and drive sales using quizzes.

Ever wondered what the real secret to online marketing is?

If you answered yes, no or ‘don’t know’ to any of the above, check out this episode and find out how quizzes can be incredibly effective for building email lists, subscribers, sales funnels, for selling online coaching programs….

1:22 – Introducing Josh and his company, Interact.

3:04 – How Interact functions and works with clients.

4:13 – Interact’s role in attracting attention from the desired audiences through highly specified content.

7:23 – Filtering audiences through content rather than ad targeting and why that’s a valuable approach.

9:20 – The importance of quality content and how Interact goes about designing their quizzes.

11:16 – What effects come from the amount of data that Interact collects and Josh’s reaction to the scale of the response to Interact’s material.

13:40 – Josh’s experience starting and growing the company.

15:12 – What led Josh to this idea and what gave him the drive to keep going.

18:40 – How Josh used blogging as an education tool for their service; the risks associated with being open with your approach.

20:53 – The attrition Interact has seen in its competitors and their drive to constantly be innovating.

22:47 – How Interact focuses on their innovative approach.

22:58 – Relishing the competition and being pushed to do more and be better.

26:55 – The importance of starting with building good habits and having the success come afterwards.

28:28 – Josh’s advice to those in the building phase of a business and constantly feeling unsure.

30:33 – Using an early win as a “roofshot” and moving to bigger goals from there.

32:51 – Josh’s process for writing the first 100 blog articles to promote Interact.

34:21 – How Josh has recognized and dealt with failures in the business.

38:02 – Advice for reaching out to influencers.

39:36 – The value of personalizing your communications with people and creating meaningful engagement.


42:42 – The secret of online marketing is that there isn’t a secret and that it comes down to doing the work and connecting with people; the analogy between this and fitness.


45:11 – Mentoring and giving back to people in situations similar to ones you’ve been through.


47:04 – Where Josh sees Interact in the next year.

50:06 – The questionnaire.

56:47 – Getting in touch with Josh and learning more about Interact.

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Email Josh at josh@tryinteract.com