035: Want to know how to build reliable revenue for your business using Facebook advertising?



Want to build reliable revenue into your business using Facebook advertising?

Do you know the difference between likes, shares, viral messages, content and advertising?

In this episode I’m joined by Facebook advertising guru Billy Broas.

Founder of the hugely successful Homebrew Academy, Billy uses his intimate knowledge of his successful Facebook advertising campaigns and years of experience in the trenches of a “real” business to ramp up revenue for his clients.

Discover how good copywriting is critical for the success of your ad campaign.

Find out how the playbook for small businesses is different to the strategy that works for big brands.

Building an audience doesn’t pay the bills. To find out what does, listen to this episode!

1:02 – Billy’s background, his experience within his field, and what he was doing before in a corporate role.

2:23 – Starting a homebrewing blog on the side and how that progressed into a business.

3:24 – Having the entrepreneurial bug from a young age and aspirations to be an inventor; a story about one of his inventions.

6:07 – When Billy decided to start his beer blog and more details on how it developed into a pursuit of marketing.

7:56 – Making the leap from a steady job into an entrepreneurial pursuit and what influenced the decision.

10:03 – Billy’s advice for making the transition into self-employment: starting with a side-hustle.

12:41 – Contextualizing Billy’s education on marketing for his site and course; his dive into copywriting and direct response marketing

15:42 – How copywriting fits into the sales model and why it clicked with him.

17:21 – Finding the gaps in his existing knowledge for marketing and the aha moments he found in the Teaching Sells course.

20:15 – The profile of customers that Billy helps and how he found that niche

21:47 – Applying traffic temperature to prospects and approaching marketing differently at different parts of that spectrum; consequences of marketing in the wrong ways to the wrong people.

26:07 – Digging into the customized experience of Facebook and how to wield that more effectively as a marketer.

29:42 – How research and testing play into marketing on Facebook; which metrics to keep an eye on.

32:29 – Features in Facebook marketing, such as creating custom audiences and events.

33:34 – Helping people to understand the process involved with effective Facebook marketing rather than just guessing at it.

34:12 – Defining retargeting and how it fits into ecommerce today.

35:59 – Fitting copywriting into the Facebook marketing landscape

40:00 – The importance of social proof when it comes to social media marketing; some ninja tips for Facebook ads; pursuing quality data from Facebook ads instead of money, at times.

46:51 – The questionnaire.

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