006: From hit record producer to real estate mogul – with Peter Lorimer


I chat with former hit record producer turned real estate mogul Peter Lorimer. Peter is the owner of uber trendy PLG Estates, which fuses together the art of handling incredibly delicate and private VIPs while giving all clients the feeling of being “inside the velvet rope,” just like the rock stars and celebs the PLG Estates brand is known to cater to.

HOS #006 – Peter Lorimer Show Notes:

Peter Lorimer is a veteran of the music industry and currently operating a real estate firm in Beverly Hills. With a unique background in music, Peter brings a fresh perspective to approaching real estate marketing and how to connect with clients as well as establishing credibility in a saturated field.

2:50 – Looking forward vs. tallying up previous successes. The balance of entrepreneurship.

3:17 – Staying ahead of the vanilla cloud idea in real estate.

3:55 – The music business as an apprenticeship for corporate America.

4:45 – Using prediction as opposed to previous data in the corporate world.

5:40 – Growing up in Leeds with a parent as a teacher, growing as a musician, and discovering dance music.

6:18 – His career being 70% logic driven and 30% instinctually driven.

6:55 – Defining the “vanilla cloud.”

7:50 – Absorbing lessons from everywhere: social media, tv shows, records, etc. and following the bread crumbs.

8:59 – The importance of businesses engaging in social media and using that as leverage over l larger companies.

9:45 – Gary Vaynerchuk reference https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/

10:16 – Definition of insanity, doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.

11:15 – Following the niche of people wanting to buy and sell real estate with someone in the same “tribe.”

12:24 – Overcoming the fear of doing something new and different.

13:20 – Going towards your own strengths and delegating your weaknesses.

14:20 – Understand your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur. “Every Kirk needs their Spock.”

15:40 – Fear of imposter syndrome.

16:30 – Story of expansion in a contracting real estate market, ultimatum from wife/partner.

17:37 – “I’ve always taken leaps of faith.”

18:40 – Work hard and honestly to share knowledge and the results with be out of our hands.

19:43 – Removing yourself from being results oriented, to a point.

21:06 – Keeping social media genuine to personal presentation.

22:28 – Being fine with differentiation in professional social media presentation.

23:05 – Accepting the mantle of “entrepreneur,” and defining it, being unemployable.

25:15 – Social media campaign of PLG as a harbinger of what social media video can do.

25:45 – Tripling business in the same time period as creating video content.

26:50 – Living a fearless existence.

27:03 – Listening to the first, quietest voice as instinct.

27:49 – Fear being lack of knowledge or related to ego.

28:35 – Being and overnight success that’s been at it for 7 years.