036: How to crush Kickstarter and get a Hollywood A-list celebrity as your business partner



Ever had that sinking feeling when you’re out to dinner and all your friends are staring at their phones?


Ever felt the world needs more love, more laughter, more creativity – everybody coming together to have fun?


That’s exactly why Edwin Benton created Slang N Friends – a brilliantly funny, engaging, unique card game that uses Slang words to bring people together.


Find out how Edwin came up with the idea for this game…


How he overcame countless challenges to bring it from concept to reality..


How he managed to land Hollywood A-lister Ludacris as his partner..


And how you can get a unique version of Slang n Friends on Kickstarter…..if you’re quick!


Guaranteed you’re friends won’t be staring at their phones when you bring out this game!

0:56 – Edwin’s background as a creator, director, producer, and many other things including a being a game developer for a game called Slang N’ Friendz; the mission behind the game.


2:22 – How the game development process got started when Edwin was at a dinner party and everyone was on their devices and some details on the app.


4:18 – The compelling business aspect to this game company.


5:35 – Describing the physical card game that’s in development now.


8:02 – The dictionary for the game constantly being updated with new slang terms.


9:29 – The reception and feedback that Edwin has had so far and the process for updating the dictionary with new words.


10:21 – How he got from conceiving the idea to where he is now and some more details on the game.


13:15 – The process for landing Chris “Ludacris” Bridges as the face of the game.


14:56 – More details on the scale of the market that Slang N’ Friendz is in and some of the next steps for the business.


18:14 – Different ways that the game can be adapted to specific niches to expand the audience.


19:13 – Advantages Matthew sees that Slang N’ Friendz has over other similar very successful games.


20:58 – Looking at the breadth of slang and how that can take the game international.


22:34 – How the distribution would grow if they can get in with a major retailer like Target.


24:20 – Details on the Kickstarter campaign Edwin has launched for the card game.


26:40 – Whether or not Edwin has second guessed his idea; some of the challenges from the Kickstarter and how he has used exclusive offerings to overcome some of those challenges.


28:03 – The community aspect of Kickstarter and how that affects strategies for campaigns as well as what a successful campaign says about a company itself.


32:10 – The questionnaire.


34:54 – Contacting Edwin and the Kickstarter campaign for Slang N’ Friendz.



Resources and Links Mentioned:




Slang N’ Friendz website


Slang N’ Friendz Kickstarter


Email Edwin at edwin@edwinbenton.com