047: To move on from where you’ve been before, you need to change who you were before – with Melyssa Moniz



“If you want to step up and move beyond where you’ve been before, that means you’ve got to be someone you’ve never been before’.

Whenever you step outside of your comfort zone, you’re going to meet your ego. You’re going to meet your fears. You’re going to meet you feelings of inadequacy. You’re going to meet your limitations – which are all self-imposed”

In this episode I chat with Melyssa Moniz – an International Speaker and Social Impact Entrepreneur, a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, Master Hypnosis Coach and a certified Sales and Marketing Consultant.

A 4 time author, she has mentored over 10,000 clients worldwide in business and lifestyle strategy.

Check out the full episode and find out how you can move the needle!


1:10 – Background on Melyssa and her career.


3:52 – How she arrived at her current venture, Magnetic Sales Pros, and her background in sales for financial services.


7:14 – Her growing awareness of why she had been effective at selling.


8:43 – The point that Melyssa decided to leave her corporate job and how she did it.


10:23 – The value of having a sounding board when transitioning out of a corporate job and the process for doing so.


14:22 – How much reverse engineering and reasoning is done after the fact with processes like leaving a job and the value of “burning the boats.”


16:32 – Overcoming analysis paralysis by trusting the gut feelings and just doing; finding the one action to take on a daily basis that will make a difference.


19:31 – Taking “inspired actions” every day as a way to build ideas for making her exit from her corporate job; story about her interest in salsa dancing and how it grew from seeing the pain in people’s financial situations.


25:45 – Connecting passion and courage to both formulate and execute ideas; having the courage to ask yourself the hard questions.


27:24 – The value of mentorship in the early stages of taking leaps and what Melyssa’s support structure looked like early on.


31:58 – Magnetic Sales Pros as the culmination of all the things Melyssa has learned in her career.


34:38 – The big takeaway that she would offer; Magnetic Sales Pros’ approach.


37:14 – Connecting natural communication with the realizations Melyssa had when she was 8 years old; the prosperity of human connection and trust.


40:07 – Tapping into your authentic self and the value of that in creating genuine connections.


43:29 – Having recently launched Magnetic Sales Pros, what her approach is now to grow the business; breaking enormous goals down into manageable numbers.


48:20 – The questionnaire.


54:13 – Getting in touch with Melyssa and finding out about her company and message.




Resources and Links Mentioned:


Magnetic Sales Pros


Melyssa’s book, Live Your Passion


Brendon Burchard