039: You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, with Glenn and Kristen Hemanes



Ever wanted to have a Creative Ninja on your team?

Have you ever been just blown away by the graphics from a really cool presentation?

In this episode I talk to Glenn and Kristen Hemanes – co-founders of Glenns Designs, a cutting edge design agency which focuses on developing brand identities, multi-media presentations and variety of creative projects.

Listen to this episode to find out some of the Powerpoint horror stories Glenn has turned into powerful and effective pitch decks.

Find out why visual storytelling is so important to get your message across effectively.

1:02 – Introducing Glenn and Kristen and what their business does.

3:22 – Digging into each client’s specific needs based on their brand messaging and continuing to get outside feedback themselves to hone in on their own message.

5:57 – The importance of storytelling in Glenn and Kristen’s business.

6:58 – Leveraging their experiences with presentations and communications in order to help their clients.

7:28 – Conversation and storytelling as ways to facilitate effective, engaging social media marketing.

10:02 – How that same approach of conversation and storytelling applies to presentation decks.

11:39 – Horror stories that Glenn and Kristen have seen in presentation approaches.

14:09 – Glenn’s 3 part approach to working with clients on presentations.

15:26 – Some feedback they’ve gotten from clients about how much Glenn has helped them and the impact his decks have had on audiences.

17:20 – Differing mindsets regarding having a professionally done presentation deck and tailoring the deck to the client’s preferences; focusing on a “less is more” approach to building the decks and slides.

20:08 – Comparing an effective presentation to an effective advertisement and incorporating the concept of a story arc.

22:06 – The outsized importance of communication, regardless of the quality of the product.

22:58 – How Glenn and Kristen work with brand concepts.

25:44 – The impact of details as small as fonts.

28:30 – Understanding your audience’s concentration and how best to communicate with them via tools like Crystal Knows.

30:32 – Their approach to relationships with clients.

32:12 – Glenn’s early experience working with creating slides and working with it his entire career.

33:02 – The feeling when they get to unveil presentations to clients and when they hear that it was effective.

35:18 – Matthew’s questionnaire.

41:52 – Contacting Glenn and Kristen.

Resources and Links Mentioned:

Simon Mainwaring

John Livesay (Episode #038)

Crystal Knows

Ken Rutowski


Glenn’s Designs website

Email Glenn at glenn@glennsdesigns.com