037: Swipe right – do you really know who you’re dealing with?



Potential date? Handyman to fix your fence? A new babysitter to watch the kids?

Just who are these people, really? And, more importantly, can you trust them?

In this episode I meet Justin Parnell – co-founder of Legitifi, a powerful new tool for consumers that enables you to use your phone instantly to verify and validate the identities of people you interact with.

The Legitifi platform is built on patent pending, proprietary algorithms that leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to ensure that the person on the other end of a digital connection is who they say they are.

Catch the full episode to find out how Justin and his team developed this remarkable service, and learn about their vision to inspire honest relationships and safe social interactions by putting a halt to catfishing scams and social identity fraud.

1:10 – Introducing Justin, CMO of Legitify, and what he’s sacrificed to be on the show.

2:40 – Background on Legitifi and how it works.

4:30 – What problem Legitifi solves and when Justin got the idea for social verification.

6:55 – Some of the advantages that Justin has found with the software and more details on how it works.

7:55 – How Legitifi helps to sift through the tons of data available online about people as well as how it gives a way to manage your online representation in real time.

11:17 – The ways that Legitifi could change the face of app development and social networking.

13:06 – New opportunities Justin sees given the data that Legitifi presents to users.

14:55 – The challenge of staying focused with all of the possibility around this technology.

16:51 – Justin’s views on online anonymity.

17:20 – Dealing with the people who are found to not be legit online; the role of machine learning in the app.

19:56 – Knowing what questions to ask about people’s online identity and understanding what is important for different people.

20:55 – More details on how machine learning is influencing Legitifi.

22:33 – Applying the technology to different cultures and countries.

24:14 – The role of trust in online interactions and the concept of blockchains.

27:37 – How Legitifi can be a more foolproof identity layer since it’s drawn from so many sources.

30:12 – Creating a fundamentally different way of protecting identities online; the universality of using social verification for identification.

35:19 – The traction that Legitifi has now and how that helps improve the software.

36:44 – Where Legitifi stands with their funding and their approach to finding VCs; being at TechCrunch Disrupt.

38:40 – How this kind of company can boost portfolios for VCs through synergy.

40:37 – What it feels like to be working in Legitifi as a company with such growth and impact potential.

42:40 – The questionnaire.

46:49 – Contacting Justin and finding Legitifi at TechCrunch Disrupt.

Resources and Links Mentioned:

Legitify website

TechCrunch Disrupt

Email Justin at cmo@legitifi.com