033: Remember Tom Cruise’s computer in Minority Report? You ain’t seen nothing yet! With Philippe Lewicki of Afternow.io



Remember Tom Cruise’s computer in Minority Report? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

In this episode I chat with Philippe Lewicki – tech visionary, founder and CEO of AfterNow – an augmented reality company and one of the pioneers of developing content for experiences in mixed and augmented reality.

We’re all flat-screeners. Everything we do today with our computers, tablets and smartphones is based on the designs of rectangular screen. Lookout world, because this is all going to change.

The changes that mixed reality and augmented reality will bring to our lives will be seismic. Remember how the mouse revolutionized the way we interacted with the pc? The impact of AR and MR will be like that, but a thousand fold.

Ever dreamed of truly immersive entertainment where you can actually live the experience, rather than just being a spectator or seeing it in third person? How about truly holographic interaction with other people?

Find out how this technology is just around the corner….

1:30 – Philippe’s background and information on his company, AfterNow; the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality and how they’re both aspects of the mixed reality spectrum.

4:35 – Where mixed reality technology might be in the year 2030 and assessing the general public’s awareness of how drastic these advances could be.

6:38 – What a world without screens might look like and how it might work.

8:45 – One of the examples Philippe uses for how this technology might work.

10:50 – Relearning processes as simple as ordering food at a restaurant as they change with new technologies.

12:35 – How these changes may open opportunities for human growth and creation.

16:00 – The lifestyle changes that came about with computers and how mixed reality can break some of that.

18:22 – Some ways that mixed reality may improve commercial processes and how it’s already making a difference in various industries.

20:47 – Combining artificial intelligence with mixed reality and how that could play out as massive social and technological change.

23:18 – Philippe’s idea of a buttonless society and how it mixed reality could lead humans back to moving more.

25:49 – More details on the work Philippe is doing at AfterNow; rethinking how people interact with their technology.

28:03 – Exciting and surprising developments he’s had recently.

30:25 – Describing spatial memory to skeptics of the possibilities with mixed reality; the example of Philippe’s AR scavenger hunt at a recent convention.

33:59 – The size of the community that is currently developing the mixed reality technology and how iOS11 will grow that community.

36:41 – Predicting possibilities of more capital flowing to mixed reality as the community grows.

39:50 – The possibility of backlash against this kind of technology and the benefits of starting in an enterprise space.

42:20 – Looking at the example of Snapchat’s AR glasses versus Google Glass.

43:54 – The hypothetical example of a couple on a date with AR glasses; designing new aspects of life.

46:34 – Some experiences and major developments as one of the few current Microsoft partners in this space.

49:54 – The growth opportunities for AfterNow since their industry and partners are moving so rapidly.

51:30 – The questionnaire.

55:56 – Learning more about Philippe and AfterNow.

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