030: How to be what others just dream with Zac Weinstein – Actor, Producer, Entrepreneur and Filmmaker.



Every aspiring entrepreneur or wantrepreneur should listed to this episode. It’s real life proof that with persistence, drive, motivation and belief in yourself you really can live your dreams.

In this episode I talk to Zac Weinstein – actor, producer, entrepreneur and filmmaker and cofounder of Hollywood based Dynasty pictures.

Zac’s story is one that every entrepreneur and wantrepreneur should listen to.

It’s a story where there is no such thing as ‘no’ and ‘can’t’.

In the interview he walks us through, step by step, how he went from running a contracting company in Baltimore to writing, directing, acting and producing his first short film which won the Silver Award at the Hollywood Film Competition, taking home the award for best cinematography. For Zac, this is just the beginning.

Make sure you listen to the full episode – Zac is hugely inspiring and his enthusiasm is wonderfully infectious!

1:11 – Zac’s background and what he’s working on now.

3:20 – Information on the construction company Zac ran.

4:35 – Getting involved with a champagne and spirits company

5:42 – How Zac pursued finding what he was passionate about.

8:30 – The common thread in successful people: taking action and taking chances, particularly when others are waiting.

10:22 – The book Zac’s writing, Stop Thinking and Leap.

10:50 – Background on some of Zac’s film production and directing projects.

12:43 – The process of taking an idea and turning it into a film project; the idea of specialized knowledge and surrounding yourself with complementary people.

17:07 – Learning the language of the movie business and adapting into a new industry; finding mutually beneficial partnerships.

19:14 – The importance of collaboration and how Zac is working to promote that through things like his event series, IndieWood Media.

22:08 – Applying the networking approaches from the construction industry to the film industry and getting yourself in the right room with the right people.

23:11 – Information on Zac’s new event idea.

25:12 – Background on Zac’s production company, Dynasty Pictures.

26:50 – Acting as the thing that still captivates him in this industry.

28:30 – How his past successes have influenced his acting mindset.

31:10 – Something unexpected Zac has learned in his 7 months in LA.

32:19 – More information on Zac’s book and how it came about.

36:23 – Mindsets of creation versus discovery and approaching the “impossible.”

38:24 – The rapid fire questionnaire.

47:46 – Contacting Zac.

Resources and Links Mentioned:

Zac’s IMDB page

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

IndieWood Media events

Dynasty Pictures