025: Master the physical and mental challenges of being an entrepreneur with Glen Depke


In this episode I chat with with Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath, Author and Speaker. Based in Newport Beach in Southern California, Glen’s Depke Wellness clinic specialises in teaching people how to deal with all of the physical and mental challenges that are thrown at us from our diet choices, the stress we’re under, the habits we have and the environmental factors we’re subject to. If you’re running a business its important that you take the time to understand what you’re doing to your body each day – something that is so fundamental but so often overlooked

1:06 – Background on Glen and his approach to wellness.

3:07 – The widespread lack of understanding of the body and how it works as well as the difficulty of finding that information.

4:48 – Paying attention to and addressing our health before there’s a serious problem.

6:30 – Details about how stress can affect the body and ways to deal with it more effectively.

9:09 – Technical information on the HPA axis and its role in managing stress.

10:56 – Possible symptoms associated with a dysfunctioning bodily stress response; the three stages that Glen has identified.

14:15 – Identifying symptoms of stage two.

17:06 – Approaching consistent cycles of stress by changing the perception of the stress.

18:19 – Learned patterns of stress management and how addressing those problems can aid in business performance.

22:34 – The differences in life for those raised with better patterns of stress management, as well as knowing that these things can change.

24:20 – An example of one of Glen’s clients and how he’s been able to help.

25:10 – Always being able to improve our stress responses and growing from past stressful events.

26:25 – Details on the nutritional element to Glen’s work.

29:00 – Advice for implementing nutritional changes and understanding how food can affect physiology and emotions.

33:33 – Understanding that nutritional problems with certain foods aren’t always an immediate reaction and the effects of inflammation.

36:30 – Addressing these problems as mostly a lack of education and the breadth of problems Glen has seen in adrenal systems.

40:23 – Another example of a success story for one of Glen’s clients.

42:39 – Information on Glen’s book, “Fat, Fatigued and Frustrated,” as well as other ways to contact Glen.

Resources and Links Mentioned:

HPA axis

Fat, Fatigued and Frustrated by Glen Depke


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