022: How to crush your social media campaigns with Gavin McGarry, Founder and CEO of Jumpwire Media.


I chat with Gavin McGarry, CEO of Jumpwire Media, and we explore the important tricks, tips and tactics that you’ll need to know in order to build an effective social media presence. Gavin is a self-confessed human behavior aficionado, crowd dynamics specialist, data hound, cyclist, and percussionist. Gavin’s also the founder and CEO of Jumpwire media which is based in LA and has been recognised as one of the top ten most innovative companies in media with clients that include Coca Cola, AMC, Yahoo, and Sony Pictures. Before founding Jumpwire Media in 2009 Gavin worked for online video start up Joost and was the Head of Cross Platform Business Development at global television production company Endemol.

1:15 – Information on Gavin’s background and Jumpwire Media.

2:06 – Gavin’s perspective on whether social media is a form of advertising or marketing.

3:11 – Understanding the human behaviors behind social media and some of the shifts in marketing over the years.

6:14 – Competing with the algorithms of giants like Facebook and Google.

7:45 – The ways Gavin approaches working with his clients and human behavior.

10:41 – Social media as not always being honest and genuine.

12:15 – Gavin’s view of how far we are into the life of social media

13:14 – What the internet “level 3” might be if Facebook is the internet “level 2.”

14:00 – Whether or not people and brands are truly figuring out social media optimization.

15:36 – Jumpwire Media is focusing on the opportunities in conversation and community.

16:39 – How Gavin has gained his insights on social media.

18:06 – Possible shifts in engagement and conversations on social media; the potential role of chat bots.

19:03 – Jumpwire’s approach to staying ahead of the curve on social media engagement.

20:10 – The scope of Jumpwire’s client base and how they can tailor to specific needs.

23:37 – The necessity of any business to be on social media and how some businesses don’t understand the need.

26:03 – Knowing where to find valuable, engaging content.

29:30 – Getting in touch with Gavin and Jumpwire; educating people on the current landscape of their industry.

31:07 – How big of a challenge client education is for Jumpwire and their social media system.

33:57 – Dealing with the horror stories and charlatans promising silver bullets to social media success.

36:02 – How clients can react to and embrace the system with Jumpwire to achieve their objectives.

38:19 – The professionalism and knowledge behind Jumpwire and their business approach.

40:19 – Starting with the Jumpwire Blog to get some free content and information.

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