009: Don’t chase the money – follow your ‘Why’ with Yoni Ashurov


I speak to serial entrepreneur Yoni Ashurov about his take on what’s important when you’re building a business.

Yoni is the founder and president of MWR Life. He immigrated with his family to Canada at a young age and ever since he can remember he’s been an entrepreneur. He started his first company at the age of 17 and has spent nearly 20 years building profitable organizations with a global reach. His experience lies in a wide range of industries, including international real estate sales and development, energy efficiency technology, financial services, extended warranties and the global direct selling industry.

Yoni is an expert in designing and building scalable business infrastructures to market a diverse line of products and services, resulting in extensive long-term growth and profitability for his companies and stakeholders. He is passionate about helping others succeed.

1:43 – Yoni’s background context, starting with being from an immigrant family in Toronto.

3:03 – Working as an investment banker in a boutique firm for a year and a half before realizing he wasn’t being fulfilled in that work.

3:53 – Taking six months off from working to play music.

4:58 – Receiving both support and concern when leaving his job to pursue his passion projects.

6:24 – Yoni’s path and thought process that led to winding up in Panama as a real estate investor.

9:38 – Adventurousness as a common trait of entrepreneurs and needing a purpose past just the dollars and cents.

11:26 – The story behind the name “MWR.”

13:00 – The “why” behind Yoni’s entrepreneurial drive and the difference in chasing money versus chasing your “why.”

16:39 – Taking a holistic and relationship approach to your business connections.

18:32 – The increased importance for entrepreneurs in treating others how you want to be treated.

19:52 – Yoni’s attraction to the industry of network marketing and his approach with MWR.

22:03 – The role of training in MWR’s business model.

23:30 – Using storytelling as a mode to train more effectively.

25:07 – Why there has to be a burning desire and a strong “why” behind you and your business.

26:16 – Story from when Yoni first got to Panama and didn’t know any one or how to speak the language.

27:10 – Failure as being an essential step on the path to success.

28:05 – MWR’s role in helping people to find their why and be more comfortable with themselves.

29:38 – Three pieces of advice that have stuck with Yoni through his entrepreneurial journey.