004: Be the Key Person of Influence with Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is a published author and recognised online marketing and PR guru. He’s a regular contributor to Entrepreneur.com, Inc.com, and VentureBeat where he writes on entrepreneurship, tech and social marketing trends and startup advice. In this episode we talk about the challenges of starting a new business, the first steps for an entrepreneur to get their business off the ground, and how to become the Key Person of Influence in your market.

HOS #004 – Murray Newlands Show Notes:

Murray is the quintessential entrepreneur. Determine to move to the US from England, he developed a blog dedicated to marketing in order to position himself as an alien of exceptional abilities. Since then, he has started multiple businesses including a new venture into the industry of chatbots.

1:55 – Working between the US and UK and the benefits of working between markets.

3:07 – Moving back in with his parents to start his blog which led to book and speaking deals.

4:08 – Getting his green card approved as an alien of exceptional ability and boarding a plane bound for the US the next day.

5:00 – Giving up freedom and accepting the stigma of moving home with his parents on the path towards his goals.

6:00 – Slogging through thousands of hours of writing to make his business happen.

6:31 – Understanding why you are successful and applying that to new ventures.

8:02 – Building credibility and taking advantage of failures which can lead to bigger and bigger partners.

9:08 – Finding entrepreneurial opportunities within a job to mitigate the risks starting out.

10:20 – Trying several different ideas and learning from failure, hoping to succeed, but planning for failure.

11:30 – Struggle of opening up to the input of mentors and veterans in your industry.

15:13 – Find seasoned entrepreneurs and ask for their advice. Working with others in your field will often grow your market rather than increase competition.

16:33 – Find a trend in a hot market that’s bigger than you.

17:00 – Become an expert in a new field because sometimes no one else may have the knowledge that you can gain in six months of working.

17:24 – Overviewing the growing chatbot industry and how it’s projected to grow in the same was as apps have.

19:15 – Being open to changes in technology and watching out for emerging trends to capitalize on and the value of consistently being a first-mover in technology shifts.

21:35 – His interest in the mechanics of communications.

22:23 – There can be a light at the end of the tunnel, examine the people doing what you want to do and follow both their actions and their advice.

22:58 – Focus on the fact that you are trying to help either people’s personal or professional lives.



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